In an artistic short film.

Professional stunt acting plays an integral role in the special effects of our favorite entertainment, and it requires insurmountable, but often overlooked, mental and physical strength from courageous daredevils. For latest instalment of NOWNESS‘s “Endurance Test” series, director George Harvey highlights performer Sian Milne, whose stunt work involves setting herself ablaze while wearing a protective suit within a controlled environment.

The short film gives a look at the disciplined preparations, mental strength and technical support required to pull off such a dangerous act — as well as the outstanding meditative mindset that the performers take on. “What interested me about Sian and the team’s work is their ability to control their bodies under ferocious conditions,” filmmaker Harvey says. “Like meditation, it is surprisingly calm and controlled. These are actors who normally disappear into the background behind lead characters. Here, Sian steps into the light.”

Watch the stunning video below, which was coordinated by Game of Thrones stunt professional Rowley Irlam