The Hot 97 host goes face-to-face with one of the alt-right.

Hot 97’s Ebro Darden recently talked about an impromptu discussion he had with Kanye West on the radio station. West was also with Candace Owens, who has gained prominence for her alt-right views. In the clip Ebro talks about the FaceTime call he had with both West and Owens, who had previously met that day. During the chat, the DJ noted Owens previous racial discrimination charge when she was racially attacked by Stamford students and won $37,500 USD from Stamford, Conn., Board of Education.

West remained mostly in the background during this conversation, leaving Owens and Ebro to discuss when exactly America was great. The conversation was left unresolved as Kanye ended the call when he said Kim Kardashian-West was calling. You can watch the clip below.