“He’s got all his old shit that he had from like coming in making beats.”

After Migos was spotted in the studio with Kanye West last year in Los Angeles, it now appears Quavo was taking some producer notes during their session. In a new interview with Real 92.3 in Los Angeles, Offset revealed aside from the raps, Quavo has been “going crazy on the beats” when asked about producers they’ve been working with. “I’ve been going crazy on the fingers, you dig?” Quavo says, adding “I did a couple beats with Kanye, me and DJ Durel. It’s crazy.” When asked about his time working with Kanye West on beats, Quavo vividly remembers the equipment being used by ‘Ye saying, “He’s got a crazy, different feel. He’s got all his old shit that he had from like coming in making beats and he still use his original box and his original keyboards, he’s still got his old hard drives, and all his samples and all the beat. Just to see that he still cherish the old stuff that he came in with, know that he still respect the grind.”

As for software and equipment Quavo uses, he relies on FL Studio but remained tight-lipped with any further details telling the host, “Ya’ll want to know too much, can’t give up too much drip.” Watch the full interview below.

Migos’ much-anticipated Culture II album is set to drop next week on January 26, stay tuned.