A step towards fighting its diversity scandal.

Nike’s top brass had been feeling the crunch over the past few months, since news of ongoing mistreatment, sexual harassment and/or gender discrimination directed towards female employees trickled up and onto CEO Mark Parker’s desk. Since then, a slew of executive-level management has resigned, in turn casting a spotlight on the company’s Beaverton, Oregon HQ, not only to those working within its doors but the world at large watching from afar.

With that said, the sportswear titan has announced the promotion of two female employees, who will go on to fill a pair of high-level posts that have since been vacated. Amy Montagne is now the acting vice president and general manager of global categories, while Kellie Leonard resumes the role of chief diversity and inclusion officer. With two such power moves now under its belt, Nike has taken steps forward in its fight to help regain the trust and loyalty of its team members.