It’s almost six minutes long.

For those waiting for the release of Eternal Atake, Lil Uzi Vert officially dropped the first song off his highly-anticipated Luv Is Rage 2 followup. The new track, dubbed “New Patek,” was originally teased by the Philly rapper in a quirky dance video he uploaded on Instagram, which quickly spawned a dance challenge on social media.

Serving as the first in the official build-up to the release of Eternal Atake, the infectious song is just shy of six minutes and features four heavy verses from Uzi. Aside from the compounding refrains and chorus portions, some notable lines include a choice Naruto reference at the top of verse 2 and a Rey Mysterio homage in the middle of the first verse.

Listen to “New Patek” off of Lil Uzi Vert’s upcoming Eternal Atakealbum below.