Acting as a built-in pregnancy test to reveal a special promo.

IKEA is seemingly never short of wacky yet ingenious ideas to promote a special product or line. This time around, the furnishing giant partnered up with Swedish design agency Åkestam Holst on a new advertisement that entices customers to urinate on it. More precisely, the ad acts as a built-in pregnancy test that unveils a special discount when it uncovers a positive result in a woman’s urine, as per Dezeen. The end goal for IKEA here is to raise awareness for its fledgling membership club, IKEA Family.

“The whole ad is a pregnancy test that actually interacts with your potential pregnancy,” expressed the agency in a statement. “Instead of a simple line indicating a positive result, IKEA presents you with a better price on a new baby crib if you’re pregnant. All in real time, right there in the ad.”

Materials research company Mercene Labs is responsible for producing the interactive ad, having transformed an ordinary pregnancy test strip into an A4-sized printed ad. Watch the video below to see the ad in action.