In a movie titled ‘Ships Passing in the Night.’

According to an update on Frank Ocean’s IMDB page, the reclusive artist could be set to make his big screen debut in the near future. The update claims that Ocean will appear in an upcoming project named Ships Passing in the Night, a movie currently in pre-production.

As it stands, details on the film are scarce, with Ocean reportedly playing a character named “Kevin.” The IMDB entry for the movie gives a brief synopsis of the plot: “Brad Bang is one of the top male supermodels in the world. Grace Sol is a passionate but fragile actress. Despite their growing, troubled relationship, after a series of rehearsals and one fateful night, Grace falls for Brad, only to realize that despite needing each other, their love is forbidden.” Keep an eye out for more news about the movie — and Frank Oceans involvement — over the coming months.